T.H. Rogers PTO Officers and Committee Chairs

Our PTO is made up of hard-working parents and teachers who pool their talents and limited time to support T.H. Rogers. Feel free to ask them if you have questions, concerns, great ideas or connections to resources that could help our school.



Interested in volunteering? We need year-round help with fundraising, event planning, teacher appreciation and communications. Contact us! 



T.H. Rogers PTO 2018-19 OFFICERS 

Co-presidents Jennifer Cable  
  Jennifer Radcliffe  

1st Vice president of fundraising

Vice Pres of fundraising and community relations

Sonja Gillette

Monika Verma

Co-Vice president of volunteers Mansi Arora  
Treasurer Faida Ngumbu  
Assistant treasurer Naaman Weiss  
Secretary Brooke Primomo  
Co-parliamentarians Sadaf Ebrahim  
  Be Petrosky  




Family Supper co-chair


Veronique Villancourt

Jasmine Galal

Sandra McCoy

Family Supper auction Sonja Gillette  

Carnival co-chair

Sandra McCoy  
Carnival co-chair



Walk n' Roll  Kim Woodruff  
Walk n Roll Maki Ahn  


Jennifer Nguyen  
Merchandise  Gloria Cabrera  

Elementary community building

Dana Canonico  
Elementary community building Sonia Desai

Middle school community building Grace Ye  
Middle School community building


Parent Advisory Committee Susan Skipton  
Teacher appreciation OPEN  
Teacher appreciation OPEN  
Technology Elizabeth Hutchison  
Square 1 Art/Fundraising initiatives Essence Briggs  
School supplies

Will Radcliffe

Box Top, rewards programs

Kelly Collins

Rea Summers




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PTO Improvements Tour

Click on the link below to watch a video of Mr Muzyka walking through all the improvements that were possible through your contributions to the PTO

PTO Improvements Tour