Officers and Chairs

Our PTO is made up of hard-working parents and teachers who pool their talents and limited time to support T.H. Rogers. Feel free to ask them if you have questions, concerns, great ideas or connections to resources that could help our school.



Interested in volunteering? We need year-round help with fundraising, event planning, teacher appreciation and communications. Contact us! 


T.H. ROGERS PTO 2020-2021 OFFICERS and Chairs


Co-president-  Brooke Primomo 
Co-president-  Nicole Reese 
VP of Volunteers-   Namrata Singh 
VP of Internal Fundraising-   Maki Ahn/Sonia Desai
VP of External Fundraising-   Jennifer Radcliffe
VP of Communications-  Elizabeth Hutchison
Treasurer-  Faida Ngumbu
Assistant Treasurer-  Aliya Tauzanova

Secretart - Eric Munsayac

Secretary-   Eunice Chen
Parliamentarian-   Jennifer Matsu/Be Petrosky
Membership Chair-  Shuo Han/Waqar Haque 
Membership Committee-    Kevin Boyle/Regina Su Mangum
Family Supper Chair-   Guli Essa
Carnival Chair-   Guli Essa
Walk n Roll Chair-   Stephanie Cook
Walk n Roll Chair-   Syalisa Winata
Merchandise chair-  Carla Rodiruguez
Merchandise chair-  Kenyetta Lane
Dad's Club Chair-  Jimmy Friday and Jesus Moreno 
Elementary Community Building Chair-   Jen Bhuchar
Elementary Community Building Chair-   Guli Essa
Middle School Event Chair-   Eunice Chen 
Middle School Event Chair-   Grace Ye 
TAW Chair- Suzanne Padilla

TAW Chair-   Neelima Pandey
Inclusion Chair-   Liz Boyle/Julie Beeson 
Kindness Committee-   Jennifer Battle, Regina Mangum
Book Shop Chair-   Cristabel Manuel 
Silent Auction Chair-   Liz Boyle 
Silent Auction Chair-   Regina Mangum / Tiffany Morrisette
Community partners chairs-   Surhabi Presse
Community partners chairs-   Lily Fu
SDMC-   Maki Ahn/Kelly Collins


 See last years list of officers and chairs 




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