Go to www.edukitinc.com by June 15, 2020 for best pricing and free shipping.

It’s that time of year to pre-order your child’s school supplies for the 2020-2021 school year! This spring families will be able to place their orders. This service is provided to you by the T.H. Rogers PTO and EduKit, Inc. to eliminate going from store to store searching for the required school supplies and then having to carry them to school on the first day. Additionally, your child will have exactly what their teacher expects them to have. Placing your order is fast and convenient. On the first day of school, your child’s supplies will be waiting for them in their designated homeroom.

To order:

  1. Go to www.edukitinc.com

  2. Type “T. H. Rogers School” into the “Find Your School” field.

                                 (You must include the spaces and periods)

  3. Pay online through EduKit’s secure website.

  4. A confirmation will be emailed to you after your order has been placed.

OR Call 1-866-660-8854 Ext. 8001 to order toll free.

Extended online ordering is available through EduKit’s Last Chance program from June 16 – July 26.


Last Chance orders are subject to an additional fee of $20 and will be delivered to your home shortly before school begins.


We do our best to make sure your kit is perfect. If any of your items need replacement, please visit www.edukitinc.com, click on the Contact button to fill out a customer service request. The replacement item(s) will then be shipped directly to the address you specify, free of any charges.

Thank you for your participation in the EduKit program! If you have any questions, your T.H. Rogers School Supply Coordinator is Will Radcliffe, will.radcliffe@icloud.com.


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There are several rewards programs available that will donate money to TH Rogers based on your purchases.  No extra cost for you, and extra money for TH Rogers!