Snow Day

at the times listed below. Students are encouraged to dress comfortably and to bring an extra set of clothes, including socks and shoes. As always we are looking forward to this fun-filled event, which is generously sponsored by Friends of T.H. Rogers, HEB, and Be An Angel. 8:15-9:10 AM - 3rd-4th Grade Vanguard and RDSPD 9:10-10:05 - Elementary PSI, and Kindergarten RDSPD and Vanguard 10:05-11:00 - 2nd Grade Vanguard and PSI Secondary 11:00-11:55 - 1st Grade Vanguard and RDSPD and K-5th grade SLL 11:55-1:00 PM - 5th Grade Vanguard and RDSPD
Thursday, December 20, 2018 – Thursday, December 20, 2018

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